IT Manager

IT Manager is designed to guide students through critical decisions associated with IT management. Students make decisions that have as restrictions a budget. Users can submit their results, fostering a comprehensive understanding of IT decision-making processes. It is a WebApp developed using HTML, CSS, JS, and Python, ensuring a practical learning experience for students interested in IT management.


Penguin, a dynamic prototype, has been crafted to impart fundamental programming concepts such as variable assignment, conditional statements, and loops. The core objective is to engage students in manipulating a character within an immersive world. Penguin integrates Creative Commons images alongside captivating visuals created by our team. This educational prototype was implemented on the Android platform.


Pycenas is a prototype designed to facilitate the learning of programming for students. The primary goal is to introduce innovative challenges that challenge the students to respond using multiple-choice questions while providing hands-on testing opportunities. Pycenas incorporates visually engaging Creative Commons images to enhance the learning experience. This interactive platform is currently available on Android.